The Soil Association’s prizes to be won!

I came across a fab little organisation a while ago called The Soil Association that do nice things like hand out free flower seeds to increase the bee population. They’ve had loads of success through this campaign and they’re now attempting to tackle the conditions of non-free range animals in farming.

UnknownVegetarians, vegans and meat-eaters alike can all agree that the conditions found in the farming industry can be pretty horrific, whether or not you eat what comes out of it. I’m not about to start a preachy post about not eating meat; but there is something you can do that’s much easier!

The Soil Association are selling raffle tickets, from which all the proceeds will be tackling this issue. I know there are a million and one organisations, all tackling something or another, but I thought this one was worth a post given that the prizes available are well worth a go.

They include:

A year’s free electricity and £1000 cash

A holiday to Scotland and £100 cash

A weekend break staying in a pub on an organic farm

A growing course for two at River Cottage with the head gardener

Lunch for four at The Riverford Field Kitchen and £100 cash

A £50 voucher for Planet Organic

A case of organic Merlot from Emiliana

Tickets are only £2 each and I’ll deliver them to anyone who lives within a reasonable distance or post them out, free of charge to anyone who would be willing to buy one (just leave a comment below if you would like one). Please consider it (and the great prizes if you win!) and the work that could be done with your support. It’s not a lot of money and you could end up on holiday!

I’d really appreciate it if you would share this post, reblog or post to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Here’s the link to the campaign:


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