So I’m going to be a teacher

So I’m going to be a teacher. This isn’t new, I’ve known for so long that I can’t really remember when I was offered the job. May, possibly. But it’s just sunk in. In two weeks I’m going to be solely responsible for the education of a group of 11 year old children. All of a sudden it seems a bit mad that anyone would trust me with such a task.

I assume though (I hope) that every new teacher must feel this way, and just like any job, it is a bit daunting until you begin to find your feet and figure out your strengths.

I’m lucky enough to already know the school I’ll be working at fairly well, and to already have met some other Teachernewbies that will experience their first day as a teacher the same day that I do, but I also appreciate that this won’t be the case for everyone. I know a lot of teachers pretty much go into their first jobs blind and the worry and stress must be immense.

Once I’ve begun, I’m going to post lesson plan ideas on my blog, and report back on successful days (and probably moan about the not-so successful ones too), because I’ve started following a few other teacher blogs lately and it seems a good idea to put as much info out there as possible for others who could use it.

Everyone knows that planning is what takes up the vast majority of time for a teacher, and so the more resources than can be shared online, the easier a job we all have. I’ve found loads of great tips and ideas so far, mainly from searching sites like Pinterest, and these have been really great at injecting some original, creative ideas into traditional lessons to give them an exciting edge.

The children I’ll be teaching will mostly be coming from a low income area, where behaviour problems are high and attention spans are low. I already know that the best way to get around this ruining every lesson is to make every lesson as hands on, creative and physically involved as possible. No more sitting behind desks for an hour at a time, much more “the weather is too nice to be indoors, everyone grab a chair and let’s head outside”.

I’ll still be blogging on my usual topics too, but as teaching takes over my life and most of my brain, I thought it may as well take over a few blog posts now and again too!

If you’ve come across any good teaching blogs, do me a favour and paste the link in a comment. I want to find as many as I can and hopefully mine can offer some good tips and advice in the future too.


1 thought on “So I’m going to be a teacher”

  1. Hey just want to congratulate you on getting the position for a teacher. Yeah teaching can be hectic and busy. Especially doing blogging on the side when you have no homework to look over lol. I’ve been blogging for 3 years, at first I was doing wordpress but until I knew how to syndicate and automate the blog posts to rank on the search engines, its been great. I think you should do the same, perhaps share posts of your experience or rough days at work teaching lol.

    Thought I’d stop by, I want to give you the gift on blogging 101 courses I used for mines. Have fun. Here is the link:

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