It’s hard being a girl, again.

The thing I didn’t bargain for when I signed up to be a teacher was having to re-live my school years. But humans will forever live in cycles, no matter their age, and the activity and behaviour I see in my students is like a mirror image of what I went through at school (most of the time).

Today came the inevitable point in many girls’ (A) lives when they jeopardise their relationship with their best friend (B) by simply spending time with another girl (C). In most cases girl B is the popular sort, and easily miffed when girl A begins to show friendship (utmost loyalty) to girl C (the quiet type who has suddenly shown their fun side). Girl C becomes interesting to girl A, but this leaves out girl B, who under no circumstances could consider joining in to make one happy alphabetic friendship group. No sir. So girl A goes from the high one moment of thinking she has two friends rather than the one she started with that day, only to be told by girl B not to speak to them again, realising her loyalty to girl B and that girl C isn’t going to be the best friend girl B is/was. Girl A is left sad and confused.

Males, I’m sorry. I know this is complicated, but this is teenage girls for you. This was also a lot of my own school life, and also, my Friday this week.

On the upside, I got to make my own papyrus paper today!


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