Looking forward to 2014

The length of time that passes between my blog posts seem to grow each time, but I might have broken a personal record in neglect with my last one. Ever since I started teaching in September things seem to have been insanely hectic, and when they’re not I don’t seem able to do much besides stare into a dark room and wait for the craziness to start again (slowly rocking and humming to myself too, probably). But I’ve made some changes to things lately and January 2014 should see a more positive work/life balance, or at least give me the opportunity to have one – I just need to take advantage of it.

looking-aheadIt’s odd as you get older or just do different things in life how much you keep learning about little things that make a difference to how happy you are and what you generally enjoy and look forward to. For me, I’ve always known I love learning, and to be on the opposite side of the fence for the last few months has meant a big lack of this in an academic sense. I’ve been learning all sorts of new things to do with work, but learning something for fun, such as reading about an interesting topic, or practicing a new skill, has definitely been put aside, so first thing’s first for next year: get learning again.

I want to focus on sewing a lot next year. I’ve dipped into it a little over the last couple of years, but I want to really commit to trying to improve now, both in the practical sewing side and the design and knowledge aspects too. I’ve looked at some evening college courses which should sufficiently top up my need to be studying something in the traditional sense too – this self taught stuff isn’t for everyone!

But besides sewing, and other hobbies and skills, 2014 is going to be a time to focus on making good use of my spare time too. I famously (famous to my household anyway) waste hours and hours of my life by doing the things we’re all guilty of at times – staring at a screen, mainly. I always want to make good use of my evenings, but refreshing Facebook ‘just one more time’ is too easy, and the nights go wasted too often on completely unproductive things, justified at the time with ‘the need to relax’. But you do! Work can be exhausting and stressful, but this shouldn’t be automatic reason for allowing myself to spend more time looking at pictures of cats on Twitter than I do feeding my real life cat. It’s easy to feel too tired to do anything real, and especially easy during winter when daylight hours last about as long as a cup of tea, but going out more, getting back into pilates or some form of something good for you, is going on the top of my to-do list.

And while this post is starting to sounds more and more like a new year’s resolutions list, I may as well mention that I want to aim to do a bit more travelling next year, as 2013 was distinctly lacking in passport stamps. In fact, the only time I did get away, the trip ended with an inordinate amount of riot gas and running through the streets with my eyes closed in order to leave.

Let me know what you have planned for 2014, and how you plan to stick to your ideas!


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