Why January is the worst time for resolutions

I woke up close to lunchtime today. I should really have jumped out of bed after planning an 8am start but one look at the weather from the edge of the covers and I ducked under for another hour’s kip. A bit later on this afternoon, my dad told me he’d gone on a 20 mile bike ride through the wind and rain this morning.

This taught me lesson number one of 2014: some people are crazy and some people are not.

I would have loved to have gone on a bike ride myself to get the year started, but how many people honestly can bring themselves to do outdoor exercise (especially when it isn’t the norm for them) on a date like 1st January?

January is absolutely the worst time for making resolutions. We’ve just had a good week of slouching, TV watching, food binging and alcohol drinking. We’re not exactly feeling up and active and the weather kind of sides with us. We’d be better off aiming to improve our fitness and health levels after Easter – typically once the country has warmed up slightly. Lent would give some the timely reason to do this and we’d have fewer excuses about how difficult it is to run/jog/cycle/rollerblade while wearing six layers, a scarf and mittens.

Meanwhile, back in our grey winter wonderland, we can focus on making resolutions a bit more cheerful. Getting into a (non-physically active) hobby, taking up a new class, learning to bake, speak Japanese, whatever you’re into. The point is, we can still feel like we’re setting ourselves new challenges, without being set to fail by the fact that they are dull and tiring and guaranteed to make us cold and grumpy.

Save the giant health kick for when it warms up a bit, and in the mean time, enjoy your new indoor hobby. Happy 2014!


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