Are hobbies always things we have to be good at?

Frustrated with work last year, I vowed to stop wasting my evenings on sheer exhaustion and actually start using my time in enjoyable ways. I began attending a sewing class and weekly pilates sessions for fun and to relax after a hard day in the classroom. Despite the crazy rush to get from work to Hobby I Must Enjoy, it does feel nice to be doing something to break up the monotony of the week. This week, however differed somewhat, and it got me thinking.

Firstly, I arrived at pilates late. I’d had a late finish at school due to an event, rushed around the supermarket and tried to get in and out of the house again within thirty minutes. The ten minutes of the class I missed meant I spent the remainder stretching myself silly (which of course I’m not paying for in the sensation of being nailed to the ground whenever I try to move) just in a bid to feel I was getting the most out of the session. I mentally told myself off if I wasn’t doing the hard option of every move and was angry that I couldn’t manage them all (or most, if we’re being honest).

Next came Wednesday: sewing class. Half way through the course and everyone seemed to be having a bad night of it. I shall call it ‘the night of the unpicker’. I had to do everything several times and I made nowhere near the amount of progress I wanted to. But now I’m wondering why it bothered me so much. True, I want to finish my dress before the course is over, but I supposedly go for fun. Is this impossible when skill is involved?

If we just wanted fun hobbies, surely we would go for something in which skill is not involved? Gentle country walks perhaps, though there is always the chance of being casually overtaken by a rambling OAP. I can’t think of anything we do for fun that has no chance of failure. Why do we always have to push ourselves to succeed, even when trying to relax? In other words, can I just finish my dress without going wrong again please?


1 thought on “Are hobbies always things we have to be good at?”

  1. Hobbies are things you do to relax, to take your mind of work or worries. And yet, I recognise the want to make everything I sew to be perfect on the first try.

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