New fabric, and it has hedgehogs on it!

Just a quick post today to share with you the new fabric I bought yesterday. The one on the left is polyester, which is fairly unusual for me, but I thought the pattern was perfect for the dress I’m planning to make with it.

Anyone recognise the one in the middle? Yes, your keen eyes are right! It is the same fabric chosen by Heather in the first episode of the Great British Sewing Bee for her sleeveless top. It’s a slightly different shade from the one she chose but I preferred this neutral tone for the person I’m making it for. The cotton is really thick and I bet it’ll be lovely to work with, as well as making a nice change from the usual cheap stuff I get!

And the one on the right? Well, if rows and rows of adorable patterned hedgehogs presented themselves to you then I’d like to see you try to turn them down! I think it’s my favourite fabric I’ve ever bought. The last two were from a local market stall, and at £8 a metre were a bit pricier than I’d have normally gone for, but the quality is so good and it’s such a nice change to have some modern and quite frankly, damn funky options.

Despite living in Yorkshire, my town and nearby city have very few options for fabric shopping, and us crafters are usually left with some questionable choices from Boyes (metres of luminous pink fluff, anyone?) or travelling further afield. Now I’ve found this little market stall though, I’m betting I’ll be shopping there most Saturdays from now on!

New fabrics, photobombed by my pyjamas in the bottom left. Oops.

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