Musings on work, passion, and combining the two

This summer my temporary contract at work will come to an end, probably. Instead of panicking about getting another job though, I’m thinking about what I could do. I’m not particularly suited to the 9-5 lifestyle, nor am I particularly qualified to do anything specific, so I’ve been thinking about what I enjoy: writing and sewing.

Along with all the other things I’m not very, well, anything, at, I’m not very good at making plans either, not ones that I solidly stick to anyway. Life changes by the minute sometimes, and making plans only ends up irrelevant most of the time. I prefer to see what happens, consider ideas as they become suitable for the time, and let things develop naturally.

Saying that, I’m not totally laid back and naive either. I know some things take preparation. Take writing: If I’m honest, I’d like to write fiction. No, I’d love to write fiction. But how many people want to do that? Lots. How many people make a living from doing that? Barely any, comparatively. I know that if I write I’ll end up freelancing, and that business writing will pay the majority of my bills. This might be a step in the right direction, but it’s not perfect. And though I don’t plan on making plans, I do know practice doesn’t hurt. So I wrote something.

I’m not allowed to publish it here yet, due to competition rules, but I entered a short story into my first serious writing competition. Truth be told, I read the winning entries from previous years and didn’t think much to them. Then again, I didn’t think much to Jane Austen when I read Sense and Sensibility either; hardly an opinion of the masses, so I could be completely wrong. But I did think, ‘I could do that’. And so I did.

I think a lot of what puts people off their true ambitions, or dreams, if we’re going all cliche, is believing there are too many people who would be better at it than you are, and so, why bother? But for every one person who is better at your thing than you are at your thing, there are ten who are worse, and have still made a go of it anyway.

Despite being partial to a bit of filing (seriously, I quite enjoy temping in admin), it’s not a sustainable future, nor is it very interesting for more than a month at a time. There are too many people that do jobs because they feel they have to. Some of these people really do have to, no doubt about it. But others feel they have to because it’s what society has told them to do: get a steady job, earn money, pay bills, feel bored and unfulfilled, put up with it anyway. Why?

I’m not sure what the latter half of this year is going to bring, professionally, but I know I’m not going to jump into a secure job for the sake of it. Absolutely anything could happen. I could take a bit of time off to write fiction, I could go ahead and freelance, I could miraculously become fab at sewing and sell my creations or teach workshops. I could even decide to train as a builder (seriously, it’s not impossible). Maybe I’ll apply to live on the moon.

Speaking of sewing, my second love, I have decided to get a bit of practice under my belt in this area too. Which is why I’ll be setting up a new blog dedicated to the craft – as soon as I have a name! I’d like your suggestions for a sewing and craft themed blog. Post your ideas in the comments below. Did I mention titles were my weak point?

Happy Friday x


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