The answer to procrastination (in a hashtag)

There was an article in my local newspaper recently about a woman who had turned to prostitution in order to feed her family, and has since had a change of heart. She now offers the somewhat less erotic service of hugging her customers. Yes, really. She opens up her home to strangers who want a hot drink, a friendly chat and a bit of a cuddle (keep your hands where I can see them, mate) and has called this a business venture. In a refreshingly honest way she admits the income isn’t quite what prostitution was, but that she’s much happier for it. Good for her. Really. Odd, but really. Hugs? Tea? Coffee? A real business? Alright, I can’t totally get my head around the success of this, but good on her for trying.

And that’s my sticking point. She’s trying. With an insane idea with surely no money in it, she is still making the effort to succeed. Something I myself am going to be doing this summer (with fewer hugs).

What I know is most likely to let me down in business is not my ideas, creativity or ambition, but the lack of anyone to direct me. I’ve been my own boss before and have worked for others too, and I definitely prefer the latter in terms of management, but that’s about it.

If all that is stopping me be successful is a simple lack of direction, someone telling me to stop making tea and just get on with it, then that’s a pretty awful excuse not to have got something great off the ground. I know from my attempts at writing while using Twitter that there are a lot of people that feel this way, and also a lot of people who look to others online for a bit of a push and a shove now and again.

And that’s where Be My Boss comes in. Freelancers, sole traders and entrepreneurs all over the world can send in a brief description of what they do and what they would like a motivational partner to do for them, and you become paired up. You can request someone who will offer gentle messages of encouragement to all-out military-style e-shouting if you don’t get something done on time. You exchange a rough business plan or itinerary and let your motivational partner know what you need them to check up on. They do the same for you and over time you become much more productive, because now you have to get off Facebook and make some cold calls, otherwise you’ll have to explain to someone other than yourself why you didn’t.

You could suggest rewards for each other and offer praise too for the days you actually get dressed before noon.

Anyone can take part, no matter what your business, location, language (though some English so I can pair you up is needed) or expertise.

Let’s get this thing going and help us all to get a bit further than we would alone. Use the hashtag #bemyboss to spread the word, and encourage others to take part. Would you like to be someone’s e-boss but don’t have your own business? Are you a student that just needs to get that essay done? That’s all fine too! But first we need numbers, so go out and tell everyone. After all, it’s a great procrastination tool until you’re paired up and have to do some real work!



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