Have you ever murdered your neighbours?

A deal with death: just another day for another Sim?

I just sent the following text to my friend: “This will sound like an odd question, but have you ever played The Sims and murdered your neighbours? Ask your housemates too.”

It is an odd question, but what is most odd is that I seem to be the only one finding it odd. The Sims 4 recently announced they would not be including swimming pools in the new game, to which a friend posted on Facebook ‘how am I supposed to mindlessly kill my neighbours now I can’t drown them?’ Now I’ve lived through enough Sim-fuelled obsessions to have played a fair amount of hours, and know how annoying unwanted neighbours are (who just turns up and suggests you throw a party AND pay for it?) but not once has the thought crossed my mind to kill them.

I put this to a few people, who I honestly expected to share my surprise that A) it’s possible to kill your neighbours, and B) that it had crossed people’s mind to do it. Apparently I’m in the minority.

Am I too nice and naive to play The Sims? Or can I assume that The Sims 4 was made for people like me, who do not consider infliction of sadistic acts upon pixelated characters to be fun, and that it has had all possibilities or torture and cold, hard MURDER, removed? Or, worst of all, is being a good person really not that common?

What do you think? Your thoughts please, for my Sim-related sanity.


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