#NaNoWriMo day two: how long can this momentum continue?

Today I’d set myself a target of hitting 6000 words…and I did it! I didn’t actually think this was very realistic, honestly, I never write this much, ever. Because I’m back at work tomorrow and I know I won’t have as many hours to dedicate to writing again until next weekend, I was really keen to keep my word count at a good, healthy number.

My day started off with about an hour’s writing at 1pm. I’d had a really bad morning with being stressed about a few things so I imagined I would struggle with writing. The weird thing is, whether I’m writing well or not, if I dedicate an amount of time to it (i.e. the next 20 minutes), it always goes past really quickly and I end up getting far more down that I think I have.

One thing that I’m not too confident about at the moment is the lack of dialogue in my novel. It’s quite descriptive at the moment as my main character is doing a lot of stuff alone, and I fear this might not be quite right for a YA book, but that’s a problem to address later.

I wondered at the start of the day whether I should be assigning any time to planning my day. I read that some people write a list of events, scenes, etc that they want to cover each day, rather than think of the word count they want to achieve. I don’t seem to be doing that yet, the ideas seem to come fairly randomly and I’m not thinking ahead beyond the next paragraph or two. I’m not sure if the start of the month means this is okay, and it’ll wear off soon, or whether I’ll be able to wing it for the whole 30 days. I’d be interested to know what you think.

I felt less productive than yesterday, despite actually writing a tiny bit more, but I think it’s because I spent fewer hours writing. The first day’s excitement kept me going all day and night until I basically fell asleep at my keyboard, whereas today I wrote for an hour, went for a walk, wrote for an hour, had lunch, relaxed for a bit then did a bit more in the evening. So committing the entire day to writing isn’t necessarily productive, and I imagine it would get less so as the month goes on. If you think you have 12 hours to do something, you’ll go slowly, but if you only have 3 hours to do it, you just crack on.

The Twitter sprints weren’t quite as useful today as I figured out they only have Americans running them, so the time difference meant they weren’t up and running when I was, and although they encourage Twitter users to run their own sprints using the hashtag, it was hard to navigate these, organise who was doing what and when, and mostly just wrote on my own for the day.

Today’s tip: Think of a few other things you want to do with your day, and space them evenly between writing sessions. Productivity, maximus!


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