NaNoWriMo day three: the dreaded first Monday

MondayIt’s Monday. This was never going to go well. Not only is it Monday, it’s the first Monday back at work after a week off, which puts me in probably the most opposite writing mood as possible compared to the weekend. I managed about 700 words today, and probably could go for more, but to be honest, I’m exhausted, I’ve had a fairly rubbish day and I’ve got a massive headache, so I’m not.

I was really happy with passing 6000 words yesterday, and even though I know I won’t get much (if any) time to write tomorrow, I know my word count is good enough to let today go. Saying that, it is definitely not a case of ‘I wrote yesterday so I won’t bother today’. I’m not hitting that stage yet, I’m just anticipating reaching a point of not finding having to write fun, possibly by next week – the dreaded week two – so I’m just not over doing the pressure on myself so early in the month. Wednesday night should see a serious few hours dedicated to it though, and of course, there’s the weekend, of which I plan to use most of it writing just as much as I did during this one.

Today’s tip: Know your limits, and don’t over do it too early. Oh, and drink tea. Lots of tea.


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