NaNoWriMo day 11: no immunity to week two blues

It’s week two, and I don’t need to look at the calendar to know that it’s here. ‘The wall’, as some Wrimos call it, has built itself up in front of my laptop screen. Though oddly, not while Twitter is up, or anything that seems vaguely more appealing than hacking out a novel at the moment.

It’s been a stange week two so far, and so I’m hoping my writing mood changes again before the week is out and I find the motivation to finally get my character past the first act. On Saturday I went through three separate, and very different phases. First off, I got up and headed to my writing spot with the same enthusiasm for writing as usual. I wondered when the second week wall was going to appear, and with that it was as though I’d mentally cursed myself. The words weren’t coming and it felt rubbish. I didn’t dwell on it though and got on with the day, taking care of a few other things I had to do before going back to it. Upon second attempt, the words began forming. It was noticeably slower than the first Saturday, but I was really determined to catch up on my word count, as one lost weekend could mean the whole month going out of the window. I must have made myself sit and write for close to 10 hours by the time I reached bed that night, but I hit my biggest daily word count yet – 4312 words! I was ridiculously happy with this as I wanted to achieve 6000 words over the whole weekend and this took the pressure off for Sunday.

Since then, though, it’s been a little downhill. Each day I seem to be getting through a much smaller word count than planned, and with a busy weekend planned this week, it’s going to make things much more difficult.

I’m not sure what to describe the writing difficulties as, specifically. If I force myself to type, the words still come, and the story continues to develop, but I’m just not feeling the same enthusiasm for it as I did. It is fast becoming a chore and I can’t wait for this to pass so I can get past the halfway point and gain some momentum on my way down the other side of the mountain.

What is good to know is just how many people are feeling this way at the moment, and how many get past it and go on to complete the 50k challenge. I’m much more optimistic about the novel itself this year, as the last one I worked on was always worryingly similar to a well-known novel (which I honestly hadn’t read before getting my idea for it, but who’d believe that?!). Without that worry this time around, there’s more reason to keep going, finish, revise, redraft and go for that golden ticket into the world of creative writing.

Today’s tip: write any amount. If you manage 200 words a day this week, that’s still a lot better than not writing at all. Only feel you can make yourself commit to a 15 minute bashing of the keyboard? At least you’re still sat in front of it! Keep going, in whatever size chunks you can manage, and think of what you’ll manage when the grey cloud of week two has passed.


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