10 tips for writing a Valentine’s day poem

Valentine’s day. The public celebration of card manufacturers congratulating themselves on such a profitable idea. Florists and balloon guys are probably pretty happy too. But before the word ‘cynic’ leaves your mouth, know that V Day can also be a celebration of love. It just doesn’t have to leave you £50 worse off.

A homecooked meal, some candles, a backrub and a night of Netflix is certainly more romantic than tickets to see Fifty Shades, but what if you really want to do something special, without the consumerist angle?

Break the mould this year and write something that will last longer than a box of sweets.

Writing a poem might seem daunting, ridiculous, or even outright mad, but I think you should give it a go anyway. Why? Because if it would be an unusual move for you, that makes it romantic, and even if it’s not Wordsworth, the effort will likely be adorable. And if it is usual for you, you probably don’t need the following advice. Maybe you should get chocolates to be different.

So, poetry. Soppy, right? Yeah, get used to it. So is Valentine’s day, and you’ve already committed yourself to the idea of that. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Poems do NOT need to rhyme. Try and be a little more original than that, and you’ll save yourself from having to think of anything that rhymes with blonde.
  2. Think of your happiest memories together. Let them create some key words and let lines form from those.
  3. Make it personal. It should be something that your partner can read and truly know it’s for them, and not just a rewrite of something you did for your ex.
  4. Don’t get caught up with embarrassment. Just say what you feel, and be natural.
  5. Don’t tape an engagement ring to the bottom. She’ll see it before she’s finished reading.
  6. Add humour. Not loads, and leave anything that happens in the bathroom in the bathroom.
  7. What’s your favourite thing about them? Add that.
  8. What’s your least favourite thing about them? Don’t add that. Really. It will not apply to no.6.
  9. Cheat. If you want to borrow a line from a real life, successful poet, why not? Just don’t pretend it’s yours. Showing you’ve done your research will add to the impressiveness.
  10. Still not sure? Go and adopt a puppy.

Have a loved up weekend, readers. Share your best lines in the comments too. I might need them.


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