BBC collaborations and cultural debate – What Next?

By far the best thing to have come out of freelancing is the amount of people I get to meet on the local creative scene. Every meeting brings more introductions to people passionate about what they do, and even better, passionate about Hull 2017.

I’ve mentioned in my blog before now the ‘why wait’ approach that the city’s creative seem to be taking when it comes to 2017. Not only down to the sheer amount of planning that a full year of cultural activities will take, but because there is a genuine excitement in the city right now.

There are tons of initiatives, festivals and organisations growing in Hull at the moment, but the one I’ve recently become involved with is Get Creative, a collaboration between the BBC and What Next.

BBC Get CreativeBBC Get Creative is the chance to put a spotlight on the creativity which happens every day across the UK. By sharing the creative projects I’m involved with, the BBC is going to do its bit to spread the word and see others getting involved.

As part of this, I meet with the What Next Hull group to share ideas with others doing the same thing in the area, and see what we can achieve specifically for Hull as a group. What Next groups are springing up all over the country, but in Hull we decided that the group should be defined as a culturist lobbying group, strengthening the role of art in the city.

what next hull logoSince kicking off with a sold-out debate at Hull Truck Theatre, seeing the kings and queens of culture go head to head on local art issues and the future of Hull’s culture, What Next has met as part of a live BBC radio broadcast, which gave members of the public a rare chance to ask their cultural leaders about the things most important to them.

It’s a really exciting time to be freelancing at the moment. Every week seems to bring a new idea or opportunity to get involved in the local arts scene.

You can find What Next on Twitter, where I’ve live-tweeted during the BBC broadcast, and find out more about BBC Get Creative here.


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