10 signs your office knows it’s summer

Finally, it’s summer. The good(ish) weather has arrived, we’re driving to work with the windows down and weekends are spent enjoying the light nights…or are they? Maybe you’re spending your time worrying how you’re going to get everything done and still have some time off this year.

Still though, there’s always time to read a ’10 signs’ blog post…

10 signs your office knows it’s summer

  1. At least half the staff have filed a holiday request
    Have the men in your office started looking like this?
    Have the men in your office started looking like this?

    for the same week.

  2. You’re trying not to think about it.
  3. There’s at least one person who has swapped all normal lunch options for salad ‘for their holiday’.
  4. All of your clients seem to have a big project on at the same time, and it’s when you wanted to take a day off.
  5. You can almost see people pretending the water from the cooler is actually cold beer.
  6. You convince yourself staying until 6pm is OK really because it won’t be dark until almost 10.
  7. Going to the nearest beer garden after work seems more appealing than going home.
  8. Your clients have all started turning up to meetings with sunglasses on their heads, if only to rub in the fact that they are allowed to go outside during the day.
  9. The men in the office have started regularly talking about shorts as viable work wear.
  10. You have no idea how you’re going to cover everyone’s holiday.

Sound familiar? All is not lost! Summer is the perfect time to take on some temporary help in the office, and to celebrate the warmer days, I’m offering 25% off day rates when booked in July and August.

Whether it’s copywriting, keeping on top of your own business’s blogs and press releases or full PR for your clients, there’s no reason to fall behind. Get in touch and book today!


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