I’m back!

I’m back! Things have been really quiet for me on the blog for a while, but time away has confirmed just how much I love blogging and how much I missed writing regular posts, so I’m making a commitment to coming back to my little WordPress site.

This autumn marks nine years since I started university and listened to my first lecturer talk about how big blogging was going to get and how much of a tool it would be in self branding. I don’t think even he could have anticipated how spot on that was. He encouraged everyone on the course to start a blog and commit to writing as often as possible, which I did and immediately enjoyed. Over the years it put me in conversation with PR agencies interested in working with me post-graduation, companies providing me with great new products to try out, travel blogs which commissioned me to write for other sites, and everyday readers who enjoyed what I wrote, and that varied so much. One day it would be make-up tutorials, another it would be describing my favourite media campaign that week. I feel like blogging is a great outlet for me. Recently I’ve taken a bit of a break from social media after seeing how many hours a day I was caught up in it, and while I don’t miss it all that much, I have missed having somewhere to pour my inner dialogue into. Here I can make it cohesive though!

Here’s one of the reasons I’ve been busy this year! Introducing baby Maddie.

To take my blog forward though, I need to define it. While I can loosely describe it as a lifestyle blog, I think it will be helpful to stick to certain topics. At the moment I can see those including beauty trends, media and my personal life. I love reviewing products, so I can’t wait to get back into doing that, but as I link the blog to my professional site for work, I’ll be writing about PR and advertising at times too.

If I’m totally honest, it’s seeing how much blogging has grown that makes me want to be a part of it again. Naturally that includes the evolution of vlogs too, and while I started off feeling like I was probably about five years too old to run a good YouTube channel, watching people like Brogan Tate xo build a career out of her videos, I’ve since found some amazing ones from people my age and in my situation, which only leaves me the option of being honest: I’d be too damn scared to do it. While not all YouTubers are confident and extroverts, I think I’m a way off being able to film and upload my life. At the moment I’m happy to find a work/life balance and grow my blog back to its old self while creating content I’m proud of. As always though, I want to know what my readers want, so please comment with post suggestions you’d like to see. I’m so happy to be back!
See you back here again soon x


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