A week of ups and downs

So many people describe having a baby as a time which really puts a strain on your relationship. I think if you’re a good partnership that support each other well this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case, but one thing you can’t get around is how much time gets stripped away from you as a couple. Dates have to become family days but thrown in with work, trying to keep a house clean enough for a baby to live in and eat something other than takeaways occasionally, it can be really hard to find the time.

Last weekend we were supposed to be making some time for us – plans which quickly got discarded after M started being ill the night before, and saw us spend most of Saturday washing pretty much everything in sight and trying to make her feel better. Again, relationship put on hold. By the time Sunday night came around all we wanted to do was climb into bed and get more than an hour’s sleep, but things started to look worse and we were advised to go to the emergency doctor (everything is fine now).

Autumnal drinks and back to work. I wish this was my office every day!

The silly thing was, after craving some time together, we got it. Changing out of pyjamas into clothes to head out to the GP late at night saw us having to sit up until 2am waiting for Mads to do a wee for testing (trying to get a urine sample from someone still in nappies is challenging to say the least), but somehow it felt nice. We stayed up late, watched Netflix and then finally got into bed exhausted and having been in the same room for the night. I’m not rushing to repeat the experience, but it’s funny where your plans to spend time together take you.

Anyway, for the ups! last week I talked a bit about my work, and I put a bit more focus on it this week. I’d taken some maternity over the summer but had my first really exciting meeting booked in at a school on Thursday. This is a new direction for my business. I’m still copywriting and working in PR and education, but I’ve also been working on something additional for a while, and it’s probably about three years since I first had the idea, but things are finally happening. I’ve been putting it off until it could be done properly and I’m really excited to be working on an official launch now. I’ll write a separate post on what exactly it is, but I’m hoping it could really define what I do as a business, and set myself apart from appearing simply as a self-employed individual. The meeting got me really excited for my working life again. If having a baby has taught me anything, it’s to really appreciate tiny details. Details like getting in the car, putting some music on, grabbing some sweets from Tesco (all without folding a pram and taking an hour over a simple trip) and just driving on my own, going to meet other professionals to talk about my ideas. It felt really good.

Up next: the dreaded c word – childcare!


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