Staycations over Santorini?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how great it is to do nothing sometimes, just an odd day here and there where absolutely nothing happens. Cue pyjamas, tea, and lots of sofa time. This week was a bit different, but just as relaxing. Gary was off work for the week and we decided it might be nice to have an autumnal getaway. We’re spending most of our spare cash on the house at the moment, so my first thoughts of Santorini didn’t materialise, and instead we opted to visit his family in Stratford upon Avon for the week.

Stratford is a town in the midlands, famous for being Shakespeare’s birthplace and home to the RSC theatre. It’s a beautiful place to visit and has some really picturesque spots but there isn’t generally a lot to do. If you’re looking for a romantic couples’ weekend, then Stratford would be great. There are endless really nice restaurants and pubs dating from the 1600s, plus walks by the river are lovely and scenic, and of course you can always catch a play at the RSC, where the tower has a nice view over the town centre.

For us though, it was about just getting away. Away from work, away from a constantly messy house and away from our routine of baby groups and having to be somewhere at a particular time. Staying with Gary’s family meant we had extra pairs of hands so everything from meal prep for Maddie to having someone to keep an eye on her and getting showers in peace made the week about a million times easier than it usually is. I think it’s easy not to realise how hands-on a baby is when you’re not the mum, but it was such a weight off my mind not having to plan each day by the minute just so I could fit in my own meals with her naps and everything in between that I felt properly refreshed by the end, and even a bit anxious about coming home!

Considering how much of my free time and money I used to dedicate to travelling new places, it really surprised me just how much of a holiday vibe can come from a staycation, particularly one that doesn’t even involve holiday accommodation. We really put the focus back on what’s important – spending time with each other, forgetting to stress over the small things like bedtimes and going for some simple days out and seeing friends. I know not every week can be like this, and that’s just real life, but escapism doesn’t have to be a beach hut off the coast of Bali either. I’m already looking forward to doing it again at Christmas : )




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