Let’s go get cultured

New year’s resolutions? Sure. More water, running, fewer takeaways, etc, etc. All the usual stuff, but that’s boring, predictable, and more than likely, destined to fail, because who really wants less pizza in their life? Resolutions are for early January, but I believe in adapting a new approach to life at any given moment. There have been days in the past where, if things weren’t going well, I’d look at the clock, choose a time, say, three minutes on, and tell myself to start afresh. Time for a quick drink, pace of the room, a deep breath, and go. No need to wait for an arbitrary date on the calendar.

The Made in Hull light display.  Photo credits: On Magazine
The Made in Hull light display.
Photo credits: On Magazine

Saying that, the city I live in has been counting down to a not so arbitrary date for a few years. My beautiful hometown is now UK City of Culture, and while I see the place transform into a platform for artists and a destination for incredible exhibitions and shows, I’ve got the perfect reason to adopt its ethos and inject more culture into my own life. I’m a big fan of modern art anyway, and love photography, poetry and installations, but since having Maddie ten months ago I’ve fallen off the cultural radar a bit.

I’ve decided to blog my way through this very cultural year, reporting on what I’ve seen and learned. But more than that, I’m going to make efforts to access more culture in my everyday life. Read more widely, watch TED talks more often, wander around with my camera and make sure I’m properly looking at what I can see, attend different types of cinema, and even have a go at producing a few things here and there too.

Let’s go get absolutely cultured.


Next week: Made in Hull, Lines of Thought exhibition, and reading books at random.


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