Poetry: A small triangular adventure

I visited my primary school today

And walked up the path last seen

When my feet were several sizes smaller

When I wore black sandshoes

With those funny rubber patterns on the sole

The spot where our mums used to stand

Chat about tea, trumpet lessons and

Lost PE kits

Was a perfect triangle of shrubbery

Back when we were kids

It had an entrance on one side

A path only available to those

Bent down or on knees

It led to a magical place

Of uncapped wonder

Entwined paths,

Where wizards and dragons lay

Where stories began at 3.20pm

And ended when the voices

Of our parents called;

Their conversations done,

Our adventures called to an end

For another day

We’d retreat with twigs in our hair

Mud in our shoes

And minds full of adventure

Now, twenty years on

I see a smaller patch,

Where dragons used to lay

Bushes cut down,

Just empty crisp packets

Caught on twigs

Bare, brown and empty

Except for one side,

Where a small gap could be mistaken

For a path, perhaps

With the right imagination

Who knows where it could lead


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