My PR story

I haven't always worked in PR, but it feels like I've always been coming back to it. When I think back to how I started off on this path, I have to put it down to my primary school best friend. We'd known each other since reception class, and when I had a gap in … Continue reading My PR story


Infant eczema – what works and what doesn’t

There's a Facebook parenting group I'm a member of which sees the same questions posted again and again. You see one group of mums get to a point where they feel like they're getting the hang of this bizarre new lifestyle they've created, then another influx of newborns appear, and the cycle begins again. One … Continue reading Infant eczema – what works and what doesn’t

How to find me-time as a self-employed mum

I’ll start off by apologising. I have no idea where I heard what I’m about to quote, but I won’t take the credit for it. So, apologies, unknown-but-more-than-likely-stranger-on-the-Internet. In my last post I wrote about how fitting work into my life currently means trading my precious evenings for hours at my laptop. Goodbye Netflix, hello … Continue reading How to find me-time as a self-employed mum

The parental income gap – how to cope

Like all things, there are pros and cons to being self-employed as a parent. When I started my business just over two years ago, we talked about how it would fit in well with family life - being able to arrange my own hours and work from home would hopefully give us the opportunity to … Continue reading The parental income gap – how to cope

My favourite baby products

I’m not a consumerist, really. But babies famously come with a lot of stuff, and most of this is cheap and useless, but some of it is good. Like, really good. I thought I’d talk about a few products I wouldn’t have been without in our first year as parents, and why spending some money … Continue reading My favourite baby products

A little about me

I've been running my little blog for ten years this year (TEN! I didn't realise it was that long when I began that sentence!) and have had periods of being really active and others, well, not. But I'm dedicating myself to blogging regularly again now and with that comes new readers, so I thought a … Continue reading A little about me

A week in the life of an eleven month old

My maternity leave officially finished in December, and the other mums I've met in the last year are all slowly returning to work, so we're cramming in as many playdates as we can before then. There are times when being a mum means not eating for twelve hours, not having time to shower or go … Continue reading A week in the life of an eleven month old

Modern art, done the Hull way

When I opened Twitter one day in January and found that the City of Culture team had spent the night hauling a full size wind turbine propeller blade across the city, moving lampposts and traffic lights to suspend the thing in the city centre, I have to admit I did the whole 'bollocks to modern … Continue reading Modern art, done the Hull way