The thing about blogging

I follow a lot of bloggers on Twitter. It started with a couple of interesting people, then grew as a sort of attempt to dilute the larger world and its morbidity from my timeline. It might seem superficial to have more posts about photography and beauty products in my feed than world events, but I… Continue reading The thing about blogging


A little about me

I've been running my little blog for ten years this year (TEN! I didn't realise it was that long when I began that sentence!) and have had periods of being really active and others, well, not. But I'm dedicating myself to blogging regularly again now and with that comes new readers, so I thought a… Continue reading A little about me

Made in Hull – the first week of culture

If you missed last week’s blog, I wrote about my personal goals to inject some culture into my life as my city celebrates finally getting to flaunt its City of Culture status. The first week saw over 342,000 visitors come to check out Hull's opening exhibition, Made in Hull. I think I probably chose the… Continue reading Made in Hull – the first week of culture

Finding a work-life balance with a baby

Back as promised! This week, as usual lately, has been manic and flown past so fast I'm not sure I stopped to eat more than a handful of month-old Starburst. But here I am; rocking Saturday night by blogging (and publishing on Sunday). In my last post I let you know that I became a… Continue reading Finding a work-life balance with a baby

I’m back!

I'm back! Things have been really quiet for me on the blog for a while, but time away has confirmed just how much I love blogging and how much I missed writing regular posts, so I'm making a commitment to coming back to my little WordPress site. This autumn marks nine years since I started… Continue reading I’m back!

“So what, exactly, do you do?” An interview with a freelance writer

It’s already been a month since I relaunched my freelance writing business, and as part of my set up I was asked if I could be interviewed about what I do. I thought this would be a great way of giving some advice to others looking to break away from the safety net of employment… Continue reading “So what, exactly, do you do?” An interview with a freelance writer

So I’m going to be a teacher

So I’m going to be a teacher. This isn’t new, I’ve known for so long that I can’t really remember when I was offered the job. May, possibly. But it’s just sunk in. In two weeks I’m going to be solely responsible for the education of a group of 11 year old children. All of… Continue reading So I’m going to be a teacher

A is for Australia

Due to a bit of lack of imagination on my part lately, and my love of lists (mostly the lists), I have decided to take part in the A-Z blogging challenge, starting, ahem, now. The idea is to blog each day in April with each post beginning with the next letter of the alphabet, excluding… Continue reading A is for Australia