The end of Fake Christmas

There's a certain awkwardness to entering adulthood - the time your relationships get more serious, flats are rented, jobs are no longer temp roles but career stepping stones - but you're only just starting, so the title of 'proper adult’ is yet to be attained. At this time of year, that translates to doing what… Continue reading The end of Fake Christmas


Gift guide for mums of young kids

I'm getting a new washing machine for Christmas this year and it's genuinely going to be a better present than anything else I could ask for. On the off chance that it's a) not what you want to buy for your mummy friends or b) probably not a great gift generally, I've put together this… Continue reading Gift guide for mums of young kids

The C word

People have started tiptoeing around the C word this month, so let's just say it. The shops are making us think about Christmas because, well, it's vaguely cold enough and they can. Urgh, I'm already sighing so let's get the disclaimer over with. I'm going to try really hard not to rant but here it… Continue reading The C word

My favourite Christmas purchase

This weekend I have fully submerged myself in all things Christmas. I've wrapped my presents, pulled crackers with friends before they head home, told bad jokes and, most importantly, I've watched Elf. But all other parts of the year aside, I'm a bit of a shopaholic when it comes to Christmas. I love giving people… Continue reading My favourite Christmas purchase

Some unconventional festive fashion advice

We all know how Christmas goes: wake up in the morning, apply a full face of make-up and do your hair as if a secret salon fairy visited with Santa, pull on your dressing gown and slippers to open your presents and then change into your glitziest dress for dinner. Well, not exactly. I don’t… Continue reading Some unconventional festive fashion advice