Sea of Hull and Ron Mueck – a review

Coming out of the baby change, tucked away in the back of Ferens Art Gallery last week, I noticed the nearest gallery door was blacked out and featured a warning of nudity. Having come to see Spencer Tunick’s Sea of Hull exhibition, I assumed I was in the right place and pushed it open. What … Continue reading Sea of Hull and Ron Mueck – a review

A little about me

I've been running my little blog for ten years this year (TEN! I didn't realise it was that long when I began that sentence!) and have had periods of being really active and others, well, not. But I'm dedicating myself to blogging regularly again now and with that comes new readers, so I thought a … Continue reading A little about me

Modern art, done the Hull way

When I opened Twitter one day in January and found that the City of Culture team had spent the night hauling a full size wind turbine propeller blade across the city, moving lampposts and traffic lights to suspend the thing in the city centre, I have to admit I did the whole 'bollocks to modern … Continue reading Modern art, done the Hull way

Made in Hull – the first week of culture

If you missed last week’s blog, I wrote about my personal goals to inject some culture into my life as my city celebrates finally getting to flaunt its City of Culture status. The first week saw over 342,000 visitors come to check out Hull's opening exhibition, Made in Hull. I think I probably chose the … Continue reading Made in Hull – the first week of culture

Let’s go get cultured

New year's resolutions? Sure. More water, running, fewer takeaways, etc, etc. All the usual stuff, but that's boring, predictable, and more than likely, destined to fail, because who really wants less pizza in their life? Resolutions are for early January, but I believe in adapting a new approach to life at any given moment. There … Continue reading Let’s go get cultured

Come to Hull, it’s not shit anymore

Yesterday the news broke that my hometown, formerly top of crappiest places to live in the UK, was now in the top ten of world cities to visit in 2016, according to Rough Guides. Puzzled? Yes. Proud? Undoubtedly. This is a city in which you can actually buy t-shirts branded with the phrase, “Come to … Continue reading Come to Hull, it’s not shit anymore

New cultural opportunities in Hull City of Culture

Dance, visual art, photography, theatre, film, music, poetry and more. If you’re in the creative industries in Hull I want to hear from you! What Next Generation Hull is a brand new group being set up to reflect the work of the national What Next movement. The aim of the group is to reach out … Continue reading New cultural opportunities in Hull City of Culture

BBC collaborations and cultural debate – What Next?

By far the best thing to have come out of freelancing is the amount of people I get to meet on the local creative scene. Every meeting brings more introductions to people passionate about what they do, and even better, passionate about Hull 2017. I’ve mentioned in my blog before now the ‘why wait’ approach … Continue reading BBC collaborations and cultural debate – What Next?

You’ve changed

20 November 2013. I’m getting into the car around 7.45am to go to work and have the radio on, waiting for the engine to warm up. The radio is being broadcast live from Hull Truck Theatre, where hundreds of people are gathered, and have been since the earliest of hours, waiting for an announcement. It … Continue reading You’ve changed