My PR story

I haven't always worked in PR, but it feels like I've always been coming back to it. When I think back to how I started off on this path, I have to put it down to my primary school best friend. We'd known each other since reception class, and when I had a gap in… Continue reading My PR story


Money troubles: a permanent situation?

I got paid yesterday. It was my second pay since starting my job, and the first pay for a full month. Today I checked my bank balance. I'm £1400 overdrawn, and have no savings (unless you count the three pence in my ISA, and I can't say transferring that to my current account hasn't crossed… Continue reading Money troubles: a permanent situation?

‘I pick up new skills like a monkey picks up nuts’ and other odd phrases from a job hunting graduate

It’s that time of the week that I consider what I’ve been up to over the last seven days and this week’s theme is definitely one of employment. This weekend I upped my job search from ‘casually looking’ to ‘serious’, and with that I feel a jobs version of the Facebook relationship status brewing somewhere… Continue reading ‘I pick up new skills like a monkey picks up nuts’ and other odd phrases from a job hunting graduate

A job with a side of freedom…

Ever since I started university I had people telling me those would be the best years of my life, or continuously found people who were now in a 9-5 reminiscing upon their student days and the freedom they had to sit in the pub all afternoon. Because I am A) easily influenced, and B) naive,… Continue reading A job with a side of freedom…

A rant from an angry graduate: employment

I’m having a bad day. These things happen occasionally but today I feel like blogging about it because it is not my fault. The economy has been worse than rubbish since before I began my degree, and the days where I selfishly thought to myself that the implications of numerous recessions wouldn’t touch me are… Continue reading A rant from an angry graduate: employment

Graduate fashion – goodbye, Primark

It’s graduation time, and for me this means it has been a whole year since entering The Real World, looking back and reflecting on what I was doing this time last year. The main thing I was doing was getting incomprehensively annoyed at my lack of ability to find an outfit to graduate in. I… Continue reading Graduate fashion – goodbye, Primark

Are parents the new housemates?

I am one of the graduates in today’s economy that is living a life of uncertainty. After graduation I took the option to go travelling – an option many young people are advised to do in the hope of returning to a more stable economy (though I’d suggest going for considerably longer than I did… Continue reading Are parents the new housemates?