Best time, not free time?

Life has been a bit hectic lately. It’s something that sounds incredibly cliche because so many of us seem to say it all the time. But it’s so. Damn. True. Every day work seems to get busier or throw another curveball for one of us, and the weekends become one long to-do list of all… Continue reading Best time, not free time?


How to find me-time as a self-employed mum

I’ll start off by apologising. I have no idea where I heard what I’m about to quote, but I won’t take the credit for it. So, apologies, unknown-but-more-than-likely-stranger-on-the-Internet. In my last post I wrote about how fitting work into my life currently means trading my precious evenings for hours at my laptop. Goodbye Netflix, hello… Continue reading How to find me-time as a self-employed mum