Our trip to London

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to go down to London for a meeting. This came just after I’d been lusting after Kew Gardens’ Instagram posts of its Thai Orchid Festival, which is only on for a few weeks, so naturally I jumped at the chance to tick off both boxes in one… Continue reading Our trip to London


The thing about blogging

I follow a lot of bloggers on Twitter. It started with a couple of interesting people, then grew as a sort of attempt to dilute the larger world and its morbidity from my timeline. It might seem superficial to have more posts about photography and beauty products in my feed than world events, but I… Continue reading The thing about blogging

Why I love being a freelancer, and why that might end

I’ve written before about the perks of freelancing and self-employment, and even included some serious points aside from working in pyjamas, but things have changed for me in the last year or so, and I felt like it was a good time to re-evaluate. I’m about to mark my third anniversary of being a freelance… Continue reading Why I love being a freelancer, and why that might end

I am weak and that’s okay.

This is a guest post by Gary Barratt that I wanted to share for Mental Health Awareness Day. Because sometimes telling others that they're stronger than they think just isn't quite right, and also because he's written about it better than I ever could. You can find his blog at http://www.medium.com/@gsbarratt I have depression. That’s… Continue reading I am weak and that’s okay.

Review: State of Play, Humber St Gallery

Nobody ever won any awards for playing, or did they? Chess players win tournaments, football teams win trophies, and World of Warcraft gamers win the respect of those around them. Strip away the rules and formality and what you’re left with is free, organic play. Fun. Nestled among the world’s greatest thinkers, are arguably the… Continue reading Review: State of Play, Humber St Gallery

A weekend of culture, finally

Shamefully, it is already September in 2017, which means eight whole months have passed since Hull began its City of Culture status and I’d been to only a handful of exhibitions. Thanks to having a tiny person at home, making out of the house at night is near impossible, and making it out anywhere during… Continue reading A weekend of culture, finally

Sea of Hull and Ron Mueck – a review

Coming out of the baby change, tucked away in the back of Ferens Art Gallery last week, I noticed the nearest gallery door was blacked out and featured a warning of nudity. Having come to see Spencer Tunick’s Sea of Hull exhibition, I assumed I was in the right place and pushed it open. What… Continue reading Sea of Hull and Ron Mueck – a review

Travelling with a baby – why it’s fine and you should do it

Last week was a really important week for me. We took Maddie on holiday for the first time to Berlin. It was important for a few reasons. One, because it was pretty much the same type of holiday we would have booked before having a baby, and I wanted to see how she fit into… Continue reading Travelling with a baby – why it’s fine and you should do it

My PR story

I haven't always worked in PR, but it feels like I've always been coming back to it. When I think back to how I started off on this path, I have to put it down to my primary school best friend. We'd known each other since reception class, and when I had a gap in… Continue reading My PR story

Infant eczema – what works and what doesn’t

There's a Facebook parenting group I'm a member of which sees the same questions posted again and again. You see one group of mums get to a point where they feel like they're getting the hang of this bizarre new lifestyle they've created, then another influx of newborns appear, and the cycle begins again. One… Continue reading Infant eczema – what works and what doesn’t