A weekend of culture, finally

Shamefully, it is already September in 2017, which means eight whole months have passed since Hull began its City of Culture status and I’d been to only a handful of exhibitions. Thanks to having a tiny person at home, making out of the house at night is near impossible, and making it out anywhere during… Continue reading A weekend of culture, finally


Poetry: A small triangular adventure

I visited my primary school today And walked up the path last seen When my feet were several sizes smaller When I wore black sandshoes With those funny rubber patterns on the sole The spot where our mums used to stand Chat about tea, trumpet lessons and Lost PE kits Was a perfect triangle of… Continue reading Poetry: A small triangular adventure

Poetry: Isn’t it funny

There are times when I really want to blog, but I just don't have the time to dedicate to crafting a well-written post and gather my thoughts in a cohesive way. Most of the time when I feel like this, I'll pull out my phone if I can and let my thoughts quickly spill out… Continue reading Poetry: Isn’t it funny

New cultural opportunities in Hull City of Culture

Dance, visual art, photography, theatre, film, music, poetry and more. If you’re in the creative industries in Hull I want to hear from you! What Next Generation Hull is a brand new group being set up to reflect the work of the national What Next movement. The aim of the group is to reach out… Continue reading New cultural opportunities in Hull City of Culture

What makes art, art?

As I write this I’m sat in a café looking at some local art on the wall priced for sale at £220. It’s approximately the size of two A3 sheets of paper (in fact, it may be two A3 sheets of paper as there’s a suspicious seam down the middle), and pretty as it is,… Continue reading What makes art, art?

Stitch Education is launching in Hull

The news is out! As of September this year, I’ll officially be launching Stitch Education, a new course for schools which will see creativity being celebrated through arts and storytelling. I spoke to Laura O'Donnell, who runs Really Hull, to tell her about the project. You can see the original article here: http://www.reallyhull.com/2015/06/11/people-laura-smith-stitch-education/ We caught… Continue reading Stitch Education is launching in Hull

10 tips for writing a Valentine’s day poem

Valentine’s day. The public celebration of card manufacturers congratulating themselves on such a profitable idea. Florists and balloon guys are probably pretty happy too. But before the word ‘cynic’ leaves your mouth, know that V Day can also be a celebration of love. It just doesn’t have to leave you £50 worse off. A homecooked… Continue reading 10 tips for writing a Valentine’s day poem

You’ve changed

20 November 2013. I’m getting into the car around 7.45am to go to work and have the radio on, waiting for the engine to warm up. The radio is being broadcast live from Hull Truck Theatre, where hundreds of people are gathered, and have been since the earliest of hours, waiting for an announcement. It… Continue reading You’ve changed