Review: The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck

I’m not sure what led me to read this book; it’s not the sort of thing I’d usually pick up, and probably the first time I’ve read anything from the self-help genre, but I’m glad I did. For a quick review, I rated the book four stars and I’m happy to have come across some… Continue reading Review: The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck


Best time, not free time?

Life has been a bit hectic lately. It’s something that sounds incredibly cliche because so many of us seem to say it all the time. But it’s so. Damn. True. Every day work seems to get busier or throw another curveball for one of us, and the weekends become one long to-do list of all… Continue reading Best time, not free time?

My favourite baby products

I’m not a consumerist, really. But babies famously come with a lot of stuff, and most of this is cheap and useless, but some of it is good. Like, really good. I thought I’d talk about a few products I wouldn’t have been without in our first year as parents, and why spending some money… Continue reading My favourite baby products

Wahoo, it’s the Hull Children’s Book Awards!

Last week the Hull Children’s Book Awards took place. It’s an event I’ve attended for three years now, first as a school librarian, second as a teacher, and this time I went as a volunteer for my old school, partly because I didn’t want to miss out, and partly because I was keen to see… Continue reading Wahoo, it’s the Hull Children’s Book Awards!

I needed a new book and found a Banana

In January I began my first read of the year: 1Q84 by Murakami. I'd bought  a combined version of book 1 and 2 and though tempted to pause at the end of book 1 for a break to read something else, persevered out of fear that I wouldn't return to it. I did the same… Continue reading I needed a new book and found a Banana

My book nook – everyone should have one

This morning seemed pretty grey and miserable outside, and the perfect morning for making a hot drink and getting on with some sewing. Before embarking on yet another project though I decided to have a go at finishing one for once. Here's the result: I took some scraps of blue gingham and did a simple… Continue reading My book nook – everyone should have one

Teaching literacy without censorship

Until recently I worked in a secondary school library. During my last few weeks as a librarian, a Year 7 student approached me with a concern over swearing in a graphic novel. They were concerned that others their age were being given access to materials containing words they are taught not to use themselves, and… Continue reading Teaching literacy without censorship

Cloth magazine gets wrung out

This week one of my favourite days of the month came. I went to work and found Cloth magazine awaiting me in my pigeon hole. I love scanning the magazine on my lunch break and discovering the ideas that lie within each issue, except this time I opened the cellophane to discover a slip of… Continue reading Cloth magazine gets wrung out

R is for reading

R is for reading R is also for a quick mention of rabbits. Mine begins with R too - Rupert. He chewed through the charger wire for my laptop a few days ago, hence the lack of blogging. I'm going to aim for two blogs a day for a few days to get me back… Continue reading R is for reading

O is for Oh Comely magazine

'Keep your curiosity sacred' is what the front cover says. Pinterest in a magazine is what I say. When I found Oh Comely sitting on a shelf in WH Smith in the train station, I was waiting for a friend on a delayed train and was wasting time until she arrived. I think it's probably… Continue reading O is for Oh Comely magazine