Beauty product review: new nail varnish!

Yesterday I told you all about the new beauty products I had bought, and one I had to try out immediately was one of the Collection nail varnishes.

The colour of the nail varnish is called Bongo Beat and comes from the 60 Seconds Hot Looks range of Collection products. I’d best describe it as a deep, metallic turquoise with some sparkle to it. I wouldn’t normally go for a shade like this but I had a similar colour applied in a pedicure a while ago and I loved it.

I also recently bought a bottle of Rimmel’s Crack Your Colour, the top coat nail varnish that literally cracks over another colour to reveal the base coat in a graffiti-style effect. I had only tried this out on one other colour before, and the dark purple I used looked good, but wasn’t really that noticeable. I thought a deep turquoise would work really well and look quite seasonal at the same time, and I wasn’t disappointed. Here’s what the two look like (sorry about the bad photo quality!).

In terms of quality, I assume a lot of people are put off Collection products by the cheapness of it, but they shouldn’t be at all. The nail varnish has a great thickness to it, is incredibly smooth and dries just as fast as the 60 second name promises. The bottle says apply two coats for colour intensity, as they all usually do, but I didn’t find this was at all necessary in terms of bringing the colour out. It was a really deep colour with one coat and completely matched what the colour looks like in the bottle. It’s a product I’m really pleased with and if I hadn’t bought another one from the same collection yesterday I’d be going back for more soon!

As for the Rimmel varnish, it doesn’t feel or look great going on, and if it was a solid colour I’d assume it would end up feeling cheap and clumpy, but once it has dried, it does work well in terms of effect, even if the shapes of the lines aren’t really what the bottle lid shows. I think other cosmetic brands offer the cracked-look nail varnish in other colours than black, though I don’t see why you’d want that really. The top coat has to be dark for the effect to work, with a lighter one coming through, and black goes with every other colour.

Have you found any great colour matches in nail varnish lately?


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