My PR story

I haven't always worked in PR, but it feels like I've always been coming back to it. When I think back to how I started off on this path, I have to put it down to my primary school best friend. We'd known each other since reception class, and when I had a gap in … Continue reading My PR story

The end of Fake Christmas

There's a certain awkwardness to entering adulthood - the time your relationships get more serious, flats are rented, jobs are no longer temp roles but career stepping stones - but you're only just starting, so the title of 'proper adult’ is yet to be attained. At this time of year, that translates to doing what … Continue reading The end of Fake Christmas

Staycations over Santorini?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how great it is to do nothing sometimes, just an odd day here and there where absolutely nothing happens. Cue pyjamas, tea, and lots of sofa time. This week was a bit different, but just as relaxing. Gary was off work for the week and we decided … Continue reading Staycations over Santorini?